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Wordy Wednesday | North and East Texas Photographer

A couple weeks ago I wrote about buying a new camera, a waterproof one, and Sunday I had my first opportunity to use it. We went swimming in a pretty blue pool, I handed the camera off to Rider and asked him to get some pictures under water of Kyleigh. He took two and handed it back to me…..not exactly the experiment I was hoping for, so completely clothed in capri’s and a t-shirt I jumped in the water (it felt soooooooo goood). I spent the better part of a hour having Kyleigh swim to me underwater, it was so fun to play with her like that! I can’t wait for Kimber to swim too, she wasn’t having anything to do with me holding her in the water.

On a disappointed note I also tried to use my Lifeproof case too, my iPhone was perfectly safe, no water leaks, no problems whats so ever…….except it would not take a picture under water at all!!! So I posted about it on my Instagram feed, where Instagram Guru Modchik told me that I needed to use the volume buttons to make the camera work. Lesson learned I’ll give it another go soon!

Here are a couple of the better photos I took with the Squirt:



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