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I Heart Faces Conference (iPhone Tuesday) | North and East Texas Photographer

This weekend I attended the I Heart Faces Conference at Southfork Ranch, it was ahhhhmazing!!! Kelle Hampton (Enjoying the Small Things) and Sue Bryce were the morning and afternoon keynote speakers, as if that weren’t enough there were hands on workshops, speakers about business, speakers about blogging and awesome vendors!! Sharon (Sharon the Moments), from Ohio, plus Dana (Tin Star Photography) and Tracy (Inspire Me Photography), both from Texas, were here for the conference, plus we met some wonderful ladies as well, Courtney (Wonderlove Photography) and Toni.

Kelle Hampton spoke first and was every bit as amazing as her writing in her blog. She was honest and beautiful! We cried and we laughed, she embraced us and we embraced her, truly she was inspired! She was especially happy because the weather was very unTexas like, in the 50’s all day, she got to wear a sweater and ‘shitkickers’ during her visit. LOLOL!! If you have not visited Kelle’s blog you should, she is an honest and beautiful writer, plus no one I can think of photographs their family as beautifully as Kelle Hampton does!

There were several workshops but I was in Bridal and Lighting, both were equally as fun, for me being outside in the cool weather was all I needed, it was so fall like and beautiful, I loved every single minute of it! We were served a TexMex lunch, yummy! and popcorn as a snack, now popcorn is one of my all time favorite foods whoever thought of it was brilliant!! The vendors (Michael’s, Tamron, Arlington Camera, Photo Chicks Boutique and Fedex) there were awesome!! Loved shopping and drooling over lenses!! Our gifts bags were full of fun stuff including a Vintage Pearl necklace for each attendee!!! Angie and Amy did a wonderful job in setting this event up and pulling it together, thanks soo much to them and their team!

The afternoon keynote speaker was Sue Bryce, if you don’t know her then I would suggest you look her up, she is incredible both as a photographer and business woman! Known as the Australian Photographer of the year 2010 and 2011, plus the New Zealand Photographer of the year, her lists of awards and credits are incredible in themselves. Just checking out her blog and seeing her images says everything!! Amazing is all you can think of when you think of her name or her work! She is gracious and a force of photographic nature, you bloody well should believe that! Listening to her speak, well, when you can get over the fact that it’s really her, oh and that accent is the best, was surreal almost!! I mean it’s Sue Bryce people!! She talked fast, confident and was a wealth of information and inspiration! You could tell from her tone and command that she knows what she is talking about!! We laughed, we laughed a lot, then we cried and laughed again, the attention she had from us was electric. She was nothing short of outstanding as a speaker!

I could go for days and days talking about the I Heart Faces Conference, sincerely it far surpassed my hopes! I am so grateful to have been there!!!

Today is normally iPhone Tuesday, so I decided to use my iPhone pictures from the conference for it, Enjoy!




  • […] “I could go for days and days talking about the I Heart Faces Conference, sincerely it far surpassed my hopes! I am so grateful to have been there!!!” – Lisa from ElleSnaps Photography […]ReplyCancel

  • Ann MarieOctober 10, 2012 - 3:33 pm

    So glad you had a good time Lisa!!!ReplyCancel

  • TammyOctober 11, 2012 - 2:51 pm

    Sooooo wished I had networked more! I’m really kicking myself now!

    I agree though, the workshop was “ahhhhmazing!!!”ReplyCancel

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