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Just a simple name change. | North and East Texas Photographer

Ok, recently I changed my business name from ElleSnaps Photography to Lisa McCully Photography, sounds like a simple thing, right? Well I’m here to tell you it’s not or at least it’s not in the web world anyway! It’s been a little more than a month that my site was done, I had to change the domain, and I wanted to move the site to Bluehost as while, easy enough except in order to carry all the info from ElleSnaps to Lisa McCully things got complicated. So after more than a month here I am under the heading of my name. I loved the ElleSnaps name and still use it for usernames and stuff but it was getting a little confusing for clients to put together that I was ElleSnaps and then there’s the issue with how to say it. Lisa McCully just seemed the right move. I hope I haven’t caused too much confusion!

In the coming weeks I will be playing catch up with my posts,  iPhone Tuesdays, then there’s the family session and Senior to post, plus Seniorologie, I hope to get things rolling  just after the Thanksgiving break, I’m looking forward to catching up:)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ya’ll!!!

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